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  I received my protein powder the day before I received the electric shaker bottle. Therefore, on the first night, I tried to mix my protein shake by pouring a scoop of powder into a plastic cup, adding milk, and mixing with a spoon. This was not my biggest decision, but it resulted in a super clumpy, mediocre protein shake.

  Fast forward one day, I used an electric shaker bottle to mix powdered milk and milk. Game changer. Using the same process and ingredients and the electric shaker bottle, I made a smooth and delicious protein shake without all the powdery lumps at the bottom. It makes protein shakes taste more protein, and water tastes more watery. The bottle is easy to open and close, quickly rinse or clean, and the ball at the bottom is both useful and very interesting (of course on the outside of the bottle). If you buy in the market, I highly recommend this electric shaker.

  I should first say that I cherish my time and tend to take the path of least time commitment when eating. This is not the easiest lid to close, so make sure you really push down until it closes. Otherwise you will clean up a lot of mess. Assuming that you can complete this part of the work correctly, it can perfectly mix protein drinks. This brings us to the second and third parts; Chocolate Molk from Jocko and four Sigmatic with lion mane. I ran a few times (over 13 miles), where I used protein powder and instant coffee to add water to the electric shaker cup. What a perfect combination! I tried the protein powder alone with water, but it lacked something. I didn’t want to drink milk, so I took coffee from the storage room. Usually running this distance in July and August will make me exhausted and need a few hours of naps, but taking some fast protein and a bit of smart caffeine can eliminate all common resistance after running the electric shaker. If you are looking for a way to energize your morning/afternoon after a run, then this is the way to go.