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  When you go to the gym, many of the injuries caused by the exercise process is caused by not doing enough warm-up actions, so we should pay attention to the warm-up.

  1 the whole body stretching exercise

  Is also commonly known as stretching, the purpose is to increase the stretching of muscles, tendons and ligaments, in order to allow the joints to move, to prevent strains. Doing stretching exercises is not just a drawing, the action should be as far as possible to reach the limit, to avoid the elastic shock type repeated stretching, but in a tense position to maintain 10 to 20 seconds.

  For different sports, there should be different strengthening parts, such as shoulder stretching for baseball pitchers, Achilles tendon stretching for basketball, and wrist stretching for badminton players is particularly important.

  2、Warm-up exercises for the whole body

  The purpose is to promote circulation, increase blood flow in the muscles and nerve responsiveness speed, so that the body functions to achieve a state of readiness to cope with the next load and emergency situations. You can achieve the effect through gentle jogging, brisk walking, soft exercises, jumping or stepping in place, generally speaking, at least to the extent of a slight sweat.

  3、Sports unique activities

  For example, basketball players will run backwards before the game, with the ball to the basket; baseball players will do passing and swinging exercises; pool players will pull the ball before they officially take the field.

  Prevention of sports injuries warm-up exercises need to be carried out more thoroughly, in general, at least 20 to 30 minutes or more to make sense, after completing the warm-up exercise, you can maintain 30 minutes, so in the next exercise to be done, and should not rest too long.