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The protein shake blender bottle is very easy to use, clean and strong. Things are super cool. It’s really easy to use and clean. Funny shaker bottles made my crude milk shake all foam, and very good, no longer eating powder. It’s great for mixing protein drinks and won’t make those small protein balls like mixing balls. Protein shake blender bottle is also very useful for amino energy, because shaker ice bottle is hydrophobic and doesn’t like mixing with water. The protein shake blender bottle is well mixed in this respect. I hope they can make a glass version of vortex blender bottle with small metal blades so that electric protein shaker can be used for things like coffee. Maybe glass with removable silicone protective film.
It’s good at mixing my protein powder. I used to leave large pieces at the bottom of my drink and personalized protein shaker bottle. This is not a problem.
I like this blender! There is no problem using it many times a day! Mix my front, back and protein shake without problem
This is very convenient for mixing my protein powder during the journey. The anime shaker bottle uses a mini USB cable to charge and can keep charging for an astonishing long time.
I like this blender. I put electric blender shaker bottle to work with me. I like to put my substitute milkshake in a separate part. Protein shake blender bottle is easy to use! Convenient charging. Very satisfied with my purchase
Excellent electric shaker for protein supplements and smoothies.
Excellent battery life, only need to charge once on the day of delivery until 2 weeks (so far).
Easy to use and clean.
The glass protein shaker bottle has powerful functions and long battery life. I think my protein shake tastes much better when mixed in a Portable Blender bottle rather than in a shaker. Mixer electric shaker bottle smoothes jitter. I was impressed by the battery life