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This is the best mixer ever. There is no dough. Electric shaker mixes very small items such as protein, milk and blueberries, and provides the smoothest drink. Electric shaker cleans beautifully with water and a little soap. Press the button and wait for 10 seconds to empty, dry and finish

I like this electric blender water bottle! Electric shaker is a little expensive, but I have experienced too many cheap things because the motor keeps breaking down. It seems that the quality is much higher than others, so I hope this is a good investment!

Over the years, I have bought a lot of protein blenders and tried personal blenders. This defeated all of them. For mixed powder protein, electric shaker is the best, which is the design of electric shaker. Do not make smoothies and add fruit or ice. It’s just that we weren’t born for it. I’ve been using electric shaker every day for months, and electric shaker has been used all the time. Charging lasts for weeks and is easy to clean.

Quite good, quieter motor, I bought a new one for work. I really prefer the previous version of motor connection and measurement screen printing. It’s hard to see a new one unless you add milk. The motor doesn’t seem so tight. Sometimes I get loose when mixing. Maybe this is the only one. Electric shaker hasn’t happened, so electric shaker is still a great product, and electric shaker is still recommended.

Electric shaker has powerful functions and long battery life. I think my protein shake tastes much better when mixed in an electric shaker rather than in a shaker. Electric shaker smoothes the jitter. I was impressed by the battery life.