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Fitness not only needs to practice the upper body, but also large muscles such as arm muscles, chest muscles, back muscles and abdominal muscles. In fact, the lower body also needs to be trained. But many friends, especially male friends, may only focus on the training of the upper body and ignore the training of the legs. This is not very scientific. Without the support of lower limbs, the upper body muscles are strong and look uncoordinated. In fact, leg training is very simple, and it does not necessarily need how complex instruments. It can be completed with bare hands.


Action 1: squat

Squatting is definitely the trump card of leg training. As long as you master the correct method and keep practicing, the circumference and endurance of leg muscles will be greatly improved. Of course, when exercising, you can not only load, but also unarmed. For novices, it’s actually unarmed. After all, self weight is also a great stimulus to leg muscles, which may not be acceptable at the beginning. However, one thing to note is that friends with knee problems should try not to do too much, which may cause some problems and sports injuries.

Action 2: frog jump

Frog jump is an action often used in military training. The movement principle is actually similar to squatting. The specific method is to carry your hands behind your back, squat on the ground, exert force with your hips, cooperate with your thigh muscles, and continue to jump around on the ground. It is very effective to exercise thigh muscles. If you practice for a long time, thigh muscles will become very strong, fat will be reduced, it will become very wired, and leg strength will be greatly strengthened.

Action 3: Sprint

When it comes to leg training, of course, we can’t ignore the credit of running. If you want to lose leg fat, you’d better choose jogging. If you want to make leg muscles stronger, you can choose sprint. Sprint is to exercise people’s explosive power. It will make muscles explode a lot of energy in a very short time, which is helpful to grow muscles, but it needs a safer environment outdoors.