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Many friends who like fitness will want to practice the enviable Unicorn arm, but the forearm muscle is also very important. If you only practice deltoid, biceps, triceps and other muscles on the big arm and ignore the exercise of forearm muscles, the muscle lines are not so perfect, and even look strange. Therefore, the exercise of forearm muscles must be strengthened. So how should we practice the muscles on the forearm? Let’s have a look.


Method 1: push ups

Although push ups are an old-fashioned action, they do some every day and stick to it. The effect is really good. First, push ups must lie on the ground, and then try to support the body. In this process, the arm muscles have to withstand great pressure, and the exercise effect is obvious. It can practice the big arm, forearm, chest muscle and shoulder joint, and also stretch the abdominal and back muscles. If you don’t have time and energy to go to the gym, you still want to practice the forearm muscles, You can try push ups.

Method 2: standing and pushing the wall

Standing and pushing the wall is a more targeted action. The effect of exercising the forearm muscles is particularly good. In addition to exercising the forearm muscles, you can also exercise the muscles of other parts such as the pectoralis minor muscles. It can be said that it is a good sentence. The specific method is to stand by the wall, face the wall, separate your feet, the same width as your shoulders, keep a certain distance between your toes and the root of the wall, then open your arms, make a posture like push ups, start to fall down to the wall, reach out and support when you are about to stick to the wall, and pay attention to the effect of forearm exercise when your fingertips are down.

Method 3: parallel bar arm flexion and extension

Parallel bars arm flexion and extension is also an effective way to exercise forearm muscles. First, you should find a parallel bar, and then use your backhand to pull yourself off the ground. If the parallel bar is not high enough, you can curl up your legs and feet slightly, which will not delay the exercise effect. Then use your two arms to control the weight of your body and move up and down.