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I like the design and size of this soap protein shaker bottle, portable electric paint shaker, which makes me feel that I will be worth it in two days! Compared with other soap protein shaker bottles I have used, the round bottom helps to better mix your protein powder, and the size of portable electric paint shaker is easy to accommodate a lot. You like to double it before and after exercise.
I bought this Christmas present for my boyfriend. He likes it very much. I mainly bought it for him, because he always likes to receive mixing bottles, because he is a fitness madman and collects portable electric paint shakers, but we just went to see a new Star Wars movie, so I think it is perfect for him.
This shake bottle has a grip cover that is easy to open / close. Great stirring! This is a rugged electric paint shaker that is easy to clean. Portable electric paint shaker is perfect for shaking my protein shake. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
Portable electric paint shaker is a very thick and durable plastic. I use portable electric paint shaker every day and dishwasher at night. Three months later, portable electric paint shaker still looks brand new. It’s hard to fasten the top, but so are all the other mixing bottles I’ve ever owned. I was worried that the decals might wear, but the portable electric paint shaker was not even scratched.
It has been my first choice for a long time. I usually choose some simple things, such as milk and milk powder, but if portable electric paint shaker thickens with things such as yogurt, blenderbolt will continue to maintain. I experienced some graininess with pure powder, but nothing else. So what I want to say is that the soap protein shaker bottle can usually create a smooth milkshake for your exercise.