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Stretching is a kind of health care exercise. It has the advantages of relaxing joints, enhancing body softness, relaxing muscles and so on. How to stretch the legs? In fact, you can stretch the legs by stretching the inner side of the thighs, the front side of the left and right legs, etc. so, what are the items of leg stretching? Let’s take a look at leg stretching!

Inner thigh stretch

  1. Inner thigh stretch

Bend over, with the inner side of the straight thighs facing the ground, and press the side legs alternately left and right.

Front stretch of left and right legs

  1. Stretch the front of left and right legs

Standing posture, hold the left foot with your left hand, keep your heel close to your hips, lift your left foot up, close your abdomen, and straighten forward; Change your right leg and do it again.

  1. Stretch the rear side of left and right legs

Stand in a natural posture with toes, do not straighten or lift, and the abdomen is close to the thigh; Change your leg and do it again.

  1. Hip dynamic stretching

Standing posture, hold your knees tightly with both hands and lift them close to your abdomen. Lift your knees and stand on tiptoe at the same time, alternating left and right.

  1. Lunge jump

Standing posture, holding hands and clenching fists, running posture, alternating left and right jumping.

  1. Front leg and side leg stretching

When pressing the leg before standing, put one leg on the support, such as platform eaves or railings, and press the upper body down until it feels stretched;

When pressing the leg on the side in the standing posture, turn sideways, put one leg on the support, with the inner side of the leg facing up and press the side down until there is a sense of stretching.

  1. Calf stretch

Standing posture, push the wall with both hands and arms, lunge, step on the ground with the heel of the left leg, and sink the hip until there is an obvious pulling feeling at the back of the left leg; Change your right leg and do it again.

  1. Massage the lower leg

Massage and pat the calf muscles to relax the muscles so as not to thicken the calf.