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Erector spinalis is an important muscle in the body, which is located in the deep groove between spinous process and costal angle. If a person practices the erector spinalis muscle well, it has the advantages of reducing the proportion of body fat and enhancing physique. In fact, how to exercise the erector spinalis muscle can be done by goat straightening, bending legs and bending, cat stretching and so on. So. What are the methods of vertical spine muscle exercise? Let’s study together!

Goat stand up

Goat stand up

Bend forward and let the upper body sag straight. In the process of action, the upper body shall stand up as far as possible, and when it reaches the highest point, it shall stand still for one second. Then reply slowly. Pay attention to slow down the body when falling. It takes 2 seconds to reach the lowest point. When the body gets up, it should be faster and in one second as far as possible. One group should keep the rhythm of slow down and fast up as much as possible. Breathing requires inhaling when the upper body stands up and exhaling when bending forward.

Lie prone and start at both ends

Lie on your stomach completely relaxed, with your arms straight above your head and your legs straight. When you inhale, lift your arms and legs up and off the ground at the same time, control it a little, and then slowly exhale and relax.

Bend your legs and bow

Hold the bell on both feet on the back of the neck and shoulders, keep your chest high, abdomen tight and waist tight, and hold the barbell firmly with both hands. Inhale, bend your upper body forward until your waist and back are parallel to the ground. At this time, your hips should move back so that your body’s center of gravity is behind your heels and stop for 3-4 seconds; Then with the strength of low back muscles, stand up and restore, and then breathe naturally; Repeat the exercise. Bend your knees slightly during the movement.

Breathing method: inhale when bending forward and exhale when standing up.

Bend your legs and pull hard

Bend your legs and pull hard

Stand with your feet in an eight figure shape, put the barbell in front of your body, bend your knees and bend over, hold the barbell with both hands, the holding distance is about shoulder width or slightly wider, lift your head slightly, straighten your chest, tighten your waist and back, raise your hips, and tilt your upper body forward about 45 degrees. Stretch your knees and lift the bell. Stop. Then bend your knees and slowly descend to restore. When reaching the highest point, stretch out your shoulders as far as possible, raise your head and hold your chest up for 3 seconds.

Cat stretch

Kneel on the ground with arms and thighs at a 90 degree right angle to the ground. Look ahead. When exhaling, bow your head, arch your upper back and tighten your abdomen; When inhaling, raise your head, lower your spine and chest to the lowest, lower your back to the bottom, and expand your abdomen; The buttocks are tilted upward. When arched, the whole spine is bent forward to produce a certain sense of extrusion, and the back has a strong sense of traction; During reverse arch, the whole spine extends backward to the abdomen, which has a strong traction feeling;

Baby stretch

With your knees on the ground and your big toes touching, sit on your heels with your knees as wide as your hips. Exhale and lean your torso forward against your thighs. Put your arms on your sides with your palms up and your back on the ground.