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Erector spinalis is a very important muscle in the human body. If a person trains the erector spinalis muscle well, he can reduce the body fat ratio and enhance his physique. How to exercise the erector spinalis muscle? In fact, he can exercise the erector spinalis muscle by pushing up in the Roman chair, bending his body at both ends, bending his legs and bending his body, etc. So. What are the most effective ways to exercise the vertical spine muscle? Let’s study together!

Roman chair stand up

Roman chair stand up

Cross your arms in front of your chest or behind your ears, slowly bend down, tighten your waist and abdomen, and straighten your back. In the whole process, keep your waist and back straight. When you lower your body to an angle of about 60 degrees with the Roman chair, get up slowly, return to the starting position and repeat the action. Note that when you return to the starting position, you don’t bow above your back, and don’t over bend your spine when you rise to the top. Just keep it straight. If you feel too sore or injured in your waist during exercise, you may have made a mistake in this regard.

Bend over and start at both ends

Lie prone on the cushion, stretch your hands straight to the front, slightly separate your feet, and then lift your hands and feet to the maximum height at the same time. Keep your neck and back horizontal, and don’t look up or lower your head too much. Feel the contraction of the waist and lower back. The peak contraction lasts for 2 ~ 3 seconds. The action should be slow and repeated. 15 times, 2 groups.

Bend your legs and bow

Hold the bell on both feet on the back of the neck and shoulders, keep your chest high, abdomen tight and waist tight, and hold the barbell firmly with both hands. Inhale, bend your upper body forward until your waist and back are parallel to the ground. At this time, your hips should move back so that your body’s center of gravity is behind your heels and stop for 3-4 seconds; Then with the strength of low back muscles, stand up and restore, and then breathe naturally; Repeat the exercise.

ContraLateral Superman

Lie on your stomach, stretch your body, and fully extend your legs and arms around. Lengthen your spine, stretch your arms, shoulders and legs slightly off the ground. Tighten the abdomen and buttocks, keep the neck and spine in a straight line, slowly raise the left hand and right leg, return to the horizontal line, change the right hand and left leg, always keep the legs and hands off the ground, and exercise the back muscles and buttocks.

Kneel and raise your legs

Kneel and raise your legs

Kneel on the mat with your knees, support your hands on the ground, put your hands directly below your shoulders, your knees directly below your hips, lift your hands and feet on the other side at the same time, keep your body in a straight line, and tighten your waist and abdomen, so as to repeat. 15 ~ 20 times on each side. Perform 2 ~ 3 groups.

Prone water shooting

Lie prone on the mat, stretch your hands straight to the front, slightly separate your feet, hang your hands and feet in the air at the same time, and pat your hands and feet on the other side alternately for about 10 seconds each time for 3 times.