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It is necessary for us to do some stretching before and after exercise, because stretching has the advantages of relaxing joints, enhancing body softness and so on. How to stretch the waist? In fact, you can stretch the waist by getting up, stretching one knee, stretching the middle waist and so on. So, what are the best waist stretching events? Let’s take a look at the waist stretching exercise!

Stretching exercise

  1. Get up and exercise

Find a suitable place, and then let the upper body support, protect the hip joint close to the cushion, and try to relax the lower waist and hips.

  1. One knee extension

Stretch one side of the knee until you can feel the lower waist, and then stretch moderately. Do the same action on the other side, pull the knee as much as possible, and hold it with both hands to maintain the horizontal posture of the body.

  1. Middle waist stretch

Kneel on your knees, stretch your hands forward, head down, and clip your head between your arms. Of course, you don’t need to clamp it in a sense. Just use a horizontal plane to stretch your hands forward as much as possible.

  1. Hold up the chair

Take your own office chair, put your feet on the chair seat, put both sides behind your neck or in front of your chest, keep your hips flat and relaxed, raise your head and shoulder joints, and then sit up.

  1. Back extension exercise

Face the whole body to the ground, clench your hands and put them on the back waist. Try to keep the upper body away from the cushion, tighten your chin and keep your body straight.

  1. Hip extension

The abdomen is close to the cushion, and the hands and waist support the body. The legs should be about 10cm away from the ground, then put them down, and then change one foot.

  1. Lower waist stretch

Sit in an office chair with your feet separated naturally, bend your body, head and arms down, and touch your arms to the ground to maintain a comfortable stretch of your lower waist.