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I just like protein shaker electric. I took the protein shaker electric to work, to the gym and to my friend’s house. I like the fact that you can store powdered supplements in a different container than water or milk, and only mix them when you need to use the supplement. The battery can be used for a long time after it is fully charged.

To be honest, apart from using the protein shaker bottle, by the way, the mixing effect of the protein shaker electric is great, and the protein shaker electric always attracts people’s attention. Everyone wants to know where I got it from. Love this product.
It is very suitable for what I want to do with protein shaker electric. A very powerful and fully charged battery can last a long time. I don’t use NUTRiPOD because I mainly use protein shaker electric at home
The protein shaker electric is the best shaker/mixer I have. I used to have a vortex mixer cup that was worthless or impressive. When I discovered protein shaker electric, I started looking for a more professional mixer. If you really want to take protein shakes or any other supplements you use, get the highest blend quality from this protein shaker electric.