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.This is so convenient, I like protein shaker electric! In addition, the protein shaker electric is very easy to clean, you don’t even have to take the battery out for obvious reasons. You can carry protein shaker electric anytime, anywhere!

After trying various shakers for powdered drinks, I finally ordered this one. Since the first time I used protein shaker electric, I like protein shaker electric. There was no separation after sitting for a while. Fast mixing
This product is great for us. The protein shaker electric is better than advertised and easier to use. It is very easy to mix your powdered supplements or clean. I like this product. well done…
If you are looking for a high-quality blender bottle shaker, then you should definitely buy this product. I bought my protein shaker electric from a pharmacy in the Netherlands, and then I decided to order the second one, so when one is charging, I can enjoy my protein shaker without interruption