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In more than 6 years, I have drunk 3 bottles. The advice I learned for these electric bottle warmers from the first time is not to use dishwashing sponges. Every time you use those green/blue dishwashing sponges, the electric paint shakers will leave small scratches on the inside. Over time, as more scratches form, these scratches start to fill up whatever you put in it (protein shakes, milk, etc.) and start to smell. Your electric bottle warmer, no matter how many times you clean it, it will smell bad. Volter Bottle cleaning is super easy, just put some detergent, put some water, and then press the button. The electric paint shaker can be cleaned by itself, which saves time and effort. Volter Bottle has long been my first choice for beverages. Usually I choose something simple, such as milk and milk powder, but if the electric paint shaker thickens with something like yogurt, Volter Bottle will continue to hold. I use vegan powder and there is no graininess, so, what I want to say is that the electric bottle warmer can usually create a smooth smoothie for your workouts.

The snap cover is as reliable as they claim. Once you tighten the lid and hear the lid click, you can shake the electric bottle warmer in any way without worrying about any leakage. However, it is very important to hear the lid click, otherwise the electric paint shaker will almost certainly open and make a mess on your wall (trust me…I know)
There is nothing to say about durability, because I didn’t let the electric paint shaker experience too much pain, but I have dropped the electric paint shaker several times without any damage. It seems to be as sturdy as you expected, so as long as you don’t swing the electric paint shaker like a hammer, it should be fine.